Looking Forward By Looking Back

Throughout my senior year, I’ve had to compile a career profile of my resume and credentials, as well as researching up what qualifications are necessary to land a job in the broadcast industry. One thing that I have noticed is that many entry-level jobs want a lot more experience that most college kids can easily acquire right out of school. This has made me significantly more great fun for my fall internship at Sirius XM. Internships really help provide those extra years needed to get a job.

I have also realized that I know a lot more than I think I do. Most of the requirements for the jobs I’ve been looking at are skills I already have and if I don’t, I know I will be able to pick it up quickly because of my knowledge in other things. One thing I keep reminding myself is that no matter how much I don’t know, if I have a positive attitude and the will to get it done, I’ll be able to achieve significantly more than I ever thought I’d be able to.

My internship at Sirius XM has been one of the greatest experiences for me because now when I look at jobs and wonder if I can actually qualify for them, I think about my time at Sirius and my worries before I started there. I felt as though I had no valuable skills to help me at the studio and I’d just be running around getting coffee and filing papers. Now, while I do run to grab the occasional latte, I have gained a tremendous amount of hands on experience, not only with equipment, but how to carry myself in a work place. My internship has taught me that it is completely okay to make mistakes because that is what you’re there for. Once you make that mistake once, you will know not to do it again, or if you do, you will know how to fix it. Because of these experiences, I am significantly more confident about being in a job setting and believing that I can actually accomplish the tasks given to me.


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