I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

As I am on the hunt for a job that will jump-start my career, I am also talking to my friends about their experiences as well. We compare job websites, critique resumes, and weigh the pros and cons of accepting multiple part-time jobs if a full-time one doesn’t work out. While we converse about of experiences, some of my friends have shared their struggles that they can’t really control. I have numerous friends at school who are international students here on student visas. They have struggled to acquire internships because of the qualifications of their visas and are now struggling to get jobs because they would need sponsorship form the company to then get a different visa. I also have another friend who is a citizen but he is hispanic as well as being gay. He is afraid that, if him being noticeably hispanic didn’t deter him from getting the job, the fact that he is gay will. As we discussed this further, one of my friends said that even though she knows the odds are stacked against her, she applies to jobs that she doesn’t think she’ll get anyway. She hopes that once they meet her and see that she is a great candidate, she will prove to them that sponsorship and the paperwork that comes with it will be worth it.

I took that as a very valuable lesson. There are so many things that can be stacked against us  that we can’t control: our race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and so many others. There are times when you have to forget about what could be keeping you back and just go for whatever your dreams are. If someone says no, it’s their loss. You just pick yourself back up and try again.


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