Now is Not Forever  

When thinking about what my future will hold, it’s important to remember that what I’m doing now doesn’t mean it’ll be the only job I’ll ever have. Recently I was watching a video from 2009 of a keynote presentation from CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh. While this speech was actually about the company’s corporate culture, there was another lesson I took away from it as well.

Tony was talking about how in college he worked at a pizza place before moving on to the online business industry and shared anecdotes about how his positions and companies shifted with the demands of the market. Hearing that a someone in charge of a successful business started off working in a pizza shop was very encouraging. This showed me that my first job isn’t going to be my last. One of the main things recent grads worry about after leaving school is that first job they’re going to get. They know it might be everything they want, they know that they’re gonna have to do a lot of tasks they don’t want to do for a while, and it can be extremely daunting. There is this fear that you might not ever get out of that position or you’ll lose all the valuable skills you spent 4 years learning because you’re not using them. It is integral for me (and other grads out there) that our first job isn’t our last job. What we do now will not be forever. Sometimes you have to make pizza before you can be the CEO and no matter how you got there, it doesn’t matter. You’re there and that’s all that counts. Each position have is one step closer to the job of your dreams.


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