Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

For my senior seminar class, we watched an episode of The Pitch where two different marketing companies completed against each other to represent a major brand and be in charge of their marketing and advertising. Now, while marketing is not the industry I plan on going into, however, I had learned numerous things from the video. First and foremost, it is demonstrated time and time again that team work is so incredibly important to success. When there were disputes within the company, it was obvious that there wasn’t much getting done. It seemed like the biggest issue was that people would believe their idea was the best and not listen to anyone else’s. Sure, their idea could be the best, but you won’t really know that unless you explore all your options. You might find out that your best idea, actually wasn’t  your best, and now you know which direction you’re going in.

The second lesson I learned was the importance of honesty. One company seemed to be brutally honest with each other, even when the truth hurt. The other group seemed to not completely address anything and Although this can some times stir up arguments, at least you know where everyone in the company stands and things aren’t being said behind your back. Honestly is with out a doubt the best policy when it comes to working with your team so there aren’t any harbored negative feelings that hinder the group’s ability to succeed.


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