Interview 101

When applying for a job (or should I say jobs because, let’s be real, who applies for just one and hopes for the best?) the end goal is obviously securing something that will pay you and you’ll hopefully enjoy. However, before the job, you need to land some sort of an interview, whether its face to face, over the phone, Skype, AIM, formspring, or anything else. When preparing for the interview, there are numerous steps one has to take before they walk into the building and professionally beg for a job. The first is researching the company. It is extremely important to know the company you’re applying for before you step into an interview because who knows what they’ll ask you. Also, you should know who you’re applying for. Does their mission connect with your values? Do you stand for the same things they do? Are they really what you thought they’d be? These are things to know before becoming a part of any company. Additionally, you need to know the code of ethics for the industry you’re working in. Not only could an employer ask you questions about certain scenarios where ethical decisions would have to be made, but you should know what type of company/industry you are working for. If your answer negatively goes against the set code of ethics, that could tell them that you could be a legal risk for the company and be a less desirable person to hire.


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