Diversity in the Work Place

Diversity is an important aspect of any industry. Not only is it integral to giving everyone of every walk of life an opportunity, but it provides numerous points of view that you cannot get if you only hire one group. Sometimes people say, “Oh, but men are better at this job” or “This has always been a white dominated industry”. However, just because it was that way doesn’t mean it should stay that way forever. Times are drastically changing. People from all different backgrounds, age groups and genders are doing things and working jobs that were unheard-of in the past.  It is paramount that industries adapt to the changes that are happening in the industry, as well as society, to stay relevant. What once worked before may not be the best option anymore. Having a diverse employee base is the best way to start making changes, especially if they are also consumers of the product you are selling/in charge of. Different groups will have different reaction to products in relation to their function, desirability, and advertising. People who have previously worked in different industries or have different experience will be able to provide other information and advice about the best ways to go about producing or marketing products. Diversifying a company can only help a company thrive in a highly diverse world.


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