What Will Radio Be When It Grows Up?

The sweet sounds of the radio have been filling households since the 1920’s. But the radio that was popular back in the day is drastically different from what we enjoy today. The “talkie” format of story telling has transitioned to a mainly music platform that has become mobile, not only available on your dashboard, but on your phone as well. It’s also said that it will eventually become completely digital, getting rid of their transmitters and radio towers and diving head first into the new age. There are always rumors swirling around that *insert media form here* is going to die. However, radio has found a way to adapt and stay alive. Sadly, the future isn’t totally bring for radio.

There are definitely obstacles standing in the way of its success. Less and less people are turning on their local station for the latest weather or traffic reports and are downloading apps instead. Making the need for those services almost obsolete. Also, websites that allow you to personalize your music experience like Pandora and Spotify present a steady completion. Especially now that a lot of cars are now coming equipped with computerized consoles that are equipped with intent capabilities, directly you connecting you with the enemy.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m going to end up in the radio sphere or not when I’m an adult (let’s pretend that I’m not already grown up), yet it is very reassuring to know that an industry that I have an interest in having a career in is here for the long run.


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